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About Real World MagicNeil Trigger

Real World Magic is an Events, Publishing and Media company that aims to bring magical experiences to the world. There's nothing more magical than the childlike wonder of seeing something new that makes you gasp or wonder. Real World Magic was founded by Neil Trigger, who wanted to see something more wonderous in the world. He loves to make people smile and wanted to work in an area that improved the world.

There are three arms to our family of offerings, each with this same core aim: to make the world a more magical place:

1) Real World Magic Events

Real world Magic Events is a company formed to bring events with a healthy dose of magic to the world. From meals with mediums and psychics to christmas grottos and mystery tours, the main aim of these events is escapism. We want to make your life more magical and with our decades of experience in illusion and event planning, we are uniquely qualified to make any event magical.

2) Real World Publishing Services

We have several books already in print and more yet to come. This arm of the Real World Magic family publishes podcasts, audiobooks, print books and CDs, including hypnosis and self-help as well as fantasy and science fiction books.

Our whole ethos is to ensure that our readers experience magic from the first moment they see us to the last word they read.

3) Real World Magic Gatherings

Real World Magic organises events, parties, get togethers and conferences and brings illusion and top-quality entertainment together to make every experience magical. The gatherings arm of the Real World Magic family organises conventions and conferences based around magic to support the magic community.

The real world is magical already but it seems in this modern world that we don't recognise or embrace this magic enough. Real World Magic was founded to address this lack of everyday awareness of magic.

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