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About Grimlock Press

Grimlock Press was first founded in 2011, by author Neil Trigger who was asked to write a book for his daughter. After initially good results and feedback, he decided to sell his book in a national bookseller and advertise it to the wider market.Neil Trigger

Grimlock Press began by focussing on publishing the very best children's fantasy fiction from authors living in the South West of England. Since the publication of our first novel in November 2011 (The Weird Case of Mrs Etherington-Strange), Grimlock Press has gone from strength to strength. The second book in The Midnight Chronicles was released in April 2012; The Mobile Monster Zoo. Now, The Midnight Chronicles has expanded to include The Wizard's Reflection and Grimlock Press now have many titles by many authors from all over the UK.

Grimlock Press focuses on fiction with an element of magic. Even our science fiction stories step into the realms of telepathy or otherworldly powers. We are keen to challenge children as readers of our work and continue to push the boundaries of traditional publishing by offering great original literature.

Our whole ethos is to ensure that our readers experience magic from the first moment they see us to the last word they read.

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