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Diana	 Mazuru
Diana Mazuru
Diana Mazuru is a qualified illustrator of children's books, having received her degree from Plymouth University. Her unique style utilises traditional techniques of pen and ink together with watercolours and the utilisation of paper textures to create beutiful and intricate art in a variety of marvelous styles.
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Lee	S Trigger
Lee S Trigger
Lee Trigger is the author of sword and sorcery adventure fantasy books, with his first book, When the Woods Start to Knock due for release very soon. His style has been compared to J K Rowling, but with a wise insight and spiritual acuteness of authors twice his age.
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Neil	 Trigger
Neil Trigger
Author and publisher, Neil Trigger, lives near Plymouth in the South West of England. His first book, The Weird Case of Mrs Etherington-Strange had nearly 1000 downloads in its first week, spring boarding Ghostly Publishing into mainstream high street retailers. His second novel, The Mobile Monster Zoo led him to make connections with national and international organisations and expand the publishing company. Neil is now working on his third novel - The Wizard's Reflection, as well as continuing to work as a publisher.
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