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The Kingdom of Time by Fiona Baker

Chapter 1: The Clock Shop

“Time soldiers on slowly for a child seemingly faster for an adult, but always it keeps moving. No stopping, unrelenting, time keeps us in chains ever moving forward unable to repair or change what has been. Even the most powerful, rich and knowledgeable are as clueless as all and cannot alter or stop the passage of time. But what if there was a place where time was different, where doorways existed but had never been opened, where time could be controlled but only by the few. What if?”

Tin soldiers lined the front window as if standing guard and although not a toy shop there were many things which made this shop a place children wanted to visit. Clocks of every size, shape and design lined the shelves, walls and stood proud on the wooden floor. Their ticking and chiming echoing around the shop providing a wonderful sound which seem to enchant everyone who entered.

The clocks although all set at different times seemed to move in unison and it seemed like they were driven by a single song. Light always poured in to the shop through a small patterned skylight. Even on a dull day when...
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The Lollipop Tots... Go to Weatherland by valerie smeeton
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The text is on the picture pages.
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The importance of being kind by Felicity Shemoon

The importance of being kind, my mum said,
Is as great as the number of hairs on your head.

To be rich! Ah yes, well
That'd also be swell.
I could buy a new doll!
A robot
A bike
Anything I desire, whenever I like!
But friendship
Hmm tricky
Could my money buy that?
With friends you can play, that's not to be sneezed at.

Pretty's another thing I'd like to be
Have people look at me appreciatively
Maybe I'd front up a cool magazine
Or be in a film like a fairytale queen

But hang on ...

I'm not sure what prettiness is
Can it be graded, much like a maths quiz?
Looks change as we grow
Does prettiness fade?
Wouldn't it feel sad to lose the top grade?
Perhaps beauty's not all that it's cracked up to be
And anyway
How I look now is what makes me, me.

Wouldn't it be cool to be a big boss?
And have others do your chores, even the dross?
I could tell people what to say or where to go
Or dance like a monkey, just 'cause I say so!

... but now I think of it

I don't like it when people boss *me* around
It's best to ask nicely, I've always found
Or working together, that can be fun!
A team...
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Moon Cabbage, Magic and Quirky Capers (Children's Book) by Dougie Woods

Cornwall is a fabulous place to live. On a hot sunny day it can be idyllic, with amazing beaches and terrific scenery. However, especially in winter, in the rain the place can be a bit dreary. On one such dreary day Ella’s dad decided to take his wife and daughter out for a short car trip to the local garden centre. Ella was then eight years old and knew nothing of the adventures that would follow.
The garden centre was packed, as is normal on a wet day, and after a nice lunch they wandered around looking at all the colourful things on the shelves and stands. It was then that Ella happened on a garden gnome. He stood holding a small bird bath and appeared to be eyeing Ella cautiously.
‘Dad, I love him, he’s so cute can I have him please?’ said an excited Ella. ‘No,’ said her dad. In fairness “no” was his immediate answer to every request for impromptu presents, but Ella had become skilled at getting her own way; from using charm to pester power. ‘But Dad he’s really lovely and he would look so nice in the garden!’ ‘Absolutely not,’ said Dad ‘I loathe...
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